The Huffington Post

I worked at Huffington Post between 2011-2013 and wrote a lot of stuff. Here’s some of it.

Author Page

Hate Obamacare? Don’t Worry, Here Are Some Countries You Can Move To

A League of Their Pwn: Inside Major League Gaming

A Guide to Watching the Super Bowl (for People With No Knowledge or Interest in the Super Bowl)

Praying the Rick Perry Away

Are We Really Outraged By Steroid Use in Athletics?

A Brief Summary of Things That Cause Gun Violence According to the NRA (Probably)

What Some of History’s Most Iconic Headlines Would Look Like If the Koch Brothers Ran Newspapers

Football and Guns

Transcript of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s Passive-Aggressive Lunch in the Oval Office

Mitt Romney’s Unread Acceptance Speech

As the Election Approaches, I’m Glad Nothing I’ve Ever Done Has Been Influenced By Hormones

I Couldn’t Be More Thrilled That My Candidate of Choice Won the Debate

NBC Is Stuck in a Century in Which Guys Taking Care of Kids Is a Hilarious Concept

You Can Hate the Player… But Also Hate the Game: Mitt Romney’s Gaffe Is a Symptom of a Much Larger Problem

An Open Letter to My Fantasy Football Team

Reporting Live From the 2052 Republican National Convention

Perhaps What America Really Needs Is a Voter IQ Law

Some Other Reasons Why You Probably Shouldn’t Eat at Chick-fil-A

The Dark Knight Rises‘ Bane Might Have Been a Swipe at Mitt Romney, But He’s Far From Alone


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