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  1. Hey Dan, I got a bounce back from your SI account, so I’m trying here. Thank you so much for sharing Haywood’s awesome Fan for Life video. We really appreciate your coverage. I just realized the video doesn’t play on mobile. Might you be able to update to the code below for a mobile-optimized version? Thanks again! – Jordan

    The default player for embedding or displaying video on Default size: 480×270


    Jordan Crump | Senior Public Relations Specialist
    ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
    (w) 901-578-6654

  2. I wanted to shoot you a quick note regarding your website. I can make changes and re-design your site so that it will convert more visitors into revenue by allowing your website to be mobile friendly for phones and tablets including more focus on your “call to action” areas.

    I would just need to know if you’re open to checking out information about a website re-design. Would you be open to seeing more info and a quote for what I would like to accomplish?


    Jacob Fullersen

    If you do not wish to receive more e-mail from me or if you think that you received this messageinerror, please type REMOVE on the subject line when you respond.

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