An Ongoing Collection Of Every Blog Post Title Formula in Existence

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Most of these relate to her in some capacity


_________ Has A _________ Problem

_________ Will Probably Not _________, And Here’s Why That’s Okay

No, _________ Is Not _________

Here’s A Video Of A _________ _______ing That No One Asked For

_________ Things I Know Now That I’m 2_

(Celebrity) _________ed — And It Was AMAZING

What I Learned About _________ After Swearing Off Social Media For _________ Days

So ______ Is A Thing That Exists

__ Reasons That ________ Is Literally the Greatest __________ Ever

Everything You Need to Know About (news event that just occurred)

Beyonce’s New __________ Is The Definition Of Perfection

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Your suggestions:

_______ ______’s That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity (via @RothenBenrg)

___________ Won the Internet Today (via @Tajapandu)

I’m A Counterintuitive-But-Not-Implausible Hyphenate (via @AmandaDuberman)